[HOWTO] Inflatable above ground pools

Your pool could be assembled in just 10 minutes by following the steps in the inflatable above ground pool instruction video. It earns its name because all you need is to inflate the ring and the pool will set itself up by filling with air. And it’ll hold.
Equip yourself before setting up the inflatable pool

What you’ll need to start:

an extension cord
an air pump
filter cartridges
a sheet for the ground

Choose the right spot for your pool

Assemble your above ground inflatable pool outside as follows:

on a flat surface
near a hose, for filling with water
near an power supply, for the pump
further away from the house, to help avoid flooding in case it overflows

Take care of the pool’s material to avoid leaks

For a leak-proof inflatable pool:

Check that there isn’t anything that could risk perforation either on the ground or nearby. The solution is to place a sheet under the pool, between it and the ground.
Don’t move the pool once it’s filled

Filling the pool

You’ll need more than 7000 liters of water for a pool that’s 396cm in width by 84cm in height. Here’s how you do it:

Check that the drain plug or cap is closed before adding water
Fill up to 3cm just to check that your pool is well situated

How much time does it take to fill a pool? Time how long it takes to fill a 10 liter bucket with your hose to get an idea of the water flow. Then use this to calculate based on the m3 of your pool. You can expect several hours for a 7000 liter (7m3) inflatable above ground pool.

Consider safety both in and around the pool

Prevent passage near the cables that are around the outside of the pool. This will avoid tripping hazards.
Do not exceed the indicated maximum water level to avoid overflows or accidents.
Regularly check the PH level of your pool water and adjust it by adding products.

Some advice: it’ll be easier and faster to set up an inflatable above ground pool if done with another person.

You can rent a quality inflatable above ground pool from Usitoo with just a few Usi-points. For the kids, a small 86cm inflatable pool would be perfect. You could also use it around Halloween to bob for apples!

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