Involve your company in the circular economy

And let’s avoid together the production of 70,000 tons of CO2 by 2021

Your options for tangible action in your organisation

3 possible courses of action based on your profile. Which describes you?

I offer my staff a 10% discount on all Usitoo rates, with a free delivery to the office. Usitoo will deliver the items reserved by my employees 2 to 3 times/week. I receive a monthly bill, an environmental impact report and a success report.
Usitoo offers me support for raising awareness (internal communication) and training my staff.

My positive impact on the planet?
400kg less CO2 per rental.

Flat fee per site and per month (minimum duration of 12 months).

I have a pro account to rent everything I need from Usitoo (tinkering, cleaning, organising parties…). Usitoo will deliver my reserved items in 24 hours.

My positive impact on the planet?
400kg less CO2 per rental.

Pack 1: 1,250 points (~ 30 rentals)
Pack 2: 3.000 points (~ 80 rentals)
No expiry date

I stand out and want to pleasantly surprise my employees, volunteers or customers by offering them a Usitoo Gift Card. They will be able to discovery the vast catalog of objects of Usitoo and do their first bookings online.
Using more, for a lower cost, is all win-win-win profit. For them, for my company and for the planet!

My positive impact on the planet?
400kg less CO2 per rental.

A gift card is already available from €20 VAT excl.

Promote Usitoo at your place

It is a way to contribute to a better world

The more that people rent instead of buy, the better off our planet (and wallets) will be! Changes start from the top down! Show your interest in sustainable development and support of local initiatives by taking action. You’ll give a major boost to these initiatives that create local jobs, and proof of your involvement. More than just marching to support the climate, you can roll out tangible actions in only a few minutes. Usitoo will take care of everything!

70,000 tons of CO2…. really?

Have we gotten your attention? You’re probably wondering how 70,000 tons was determined. Simple: Usitoo’s goal is to serve more than 15,000 individual users by the end of 2021, who combined will carry out more than 175,000 item rentals.

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